Building Advanced Society through Integrated Community Development Foundation commonly recognized with its acronym BASIC is not for profit organization, is working in Sindh province for the socio economic development of deprived communities living in desolate conditions of life. The idea of the establishment of BASIC cropped up after visualizing the deteriorating condition of human life in the context of its development and availability of basic amenities of life. The province of Sindh specially its rural population, which is the target area of BASIC DF is marred by the unavailability of the basic needs of life, has put its population is marginalized conditions.

The dearth of quality education, basic health facilities, infra-structural needs, pure drinking water, awareness of basic and inalienable rights, need for women emancipation and rights has put the life of common man miserable circumstances. A group of young university graduates having full acquaintance with the conditions has decided to establish BASIC as a core organization of rural areas of Sindh to address their genuine issues. They matured their dream with the establishment of BASIC in 2008.

How BASIC was born

BASIC DF was firstly registered under the Welfare Act in May 2008. When horizon of organization’s work extended from one district province, the management has decided to re- register it under society’s Act to broaden its scope of work and community services therefore BASIC was re-registered in 1860 in September 2010 having registration # 6059.

The registration with new vision and desire to access to gross root level has brought new fronts of working for BASIC. It helped BASIC to embark upon the mission to bring the marginalized communities to the mainstream of life by developing their capacities on one hand and more importantly by creating the vision of participatory efforts. The philosophy of participatory efforts materialized in the shape of a well-disciplined organization as platform for the rural population to claim their social political, economic and human rights in highly commendable way.

Organizational Values

  • Participatory
  • Non-Discrimination
  • Transparency
  • Self-Reliance
  • Team Work

We firmly believed on above cited organizational values.

Our Vision/Mission

People living in society attaining adequate social, economic, political and cultural development through integrated community.

To mobilize and integrate the under-privileged segments of society under one platform and capacitate them for their sustainable development.

9 Years Journey at a glance

BDF is struggling to explore the areas of socio- economic prosperity, providing the best possible health and education facilities and help in provision of sustainable livelihood. We bring the target communities with organizational manifestation.

We initiate to form COs and VDOs, create awareness raising to know their basic rights and play role in socio –economic development. We motivate the emerging cadre to adapt participatory approach. The rural population, which had very little concept of institutionalization, we provide them a platform for exerting collaborated efforts for their rights.

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote climate change resilience agriculture practices for enhancing the survival of community, adapt disaster risk reduction (DRR), conserve bio-diversity and work for ensuring food security.
  • To impart sustained development by collective efforts and promoting institutionalization among the local communities.
  • Facilitate the village based institutions to link up with public and private services and potential markets.
  • To promote climate change resilience agriculture for enhancing the survival of community, adaptation of disaster risk reduction (DRR) practices, bio-diversity conservation and ensuring food security.
  • To encourage women participation in decision making process and resources handling to strengthen women’s contribution in national socio-economic development.

Working Sectors

BASIC Development Foundation has developed its working sectors by keeping in view the community needs in rural areas. Following is the brief of BASIC Development Foundation working sectors:

Response to Emergencies

To respond people in the already intervened areas at times of disaster emergencies and provide them quick relief. These operational areas will remain in the focus of organizational activities. It is mandatory for the BASIC DF to undertake response, relief and rehabilitation work in emergency.

Basic Civic Services

To impart Quality Education among the masses with special focus on Girls Education for the development of society.

Undertaking Health and Hygiene promotional activities for the people in remote areas.

Promoting Environment-friendly Community Physical Infrastructure (CPI).

Rural livelihood

BASIC DF believes in promoting environmental-friendly farming practices (organic methods), free from risk of excessive use of chemical input. The horrible practices in agriculture were emerged after the Green Revolution with excessive use of chemical in the name of technology to increase yield, which has caused eruption of cataclysmic disasters. It encompasses the Food Security, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Bio-diversity conservation in Agro-intensive areas.

This section is based on the development of supporting ingredients in agricultural society where people are provided with co-sources of livelihood. They are empowered through trainings and skill development activities in useful manner to conduct income generating activities from their indigenous crafts. It enables farming households to compensate their impending agricultural losses with other conditional occupations.



Served Peoples under livelihood



Peoples Served under Basic Civic Services



Persons being Trained



Peoples Served in Emergencies