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  • Partner: Misereor
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  • Project Date: 01-01-2014 - 31-12-2016
  • Publish: Dec 10, 2019
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Project Name:

Disaster Risk Reduction Contributing to Sustainable Agriculture in Disaster prone Areas of Pakistan


griculture sector is focused area of BASIC development foundation. It is working on sustainable basis for different aspects of agriculture including conservation of seeds, use of pesticides, fertilizers, marketing of agro based commodities, advocacy on seasonal crops, agro disaster mitigation occurring due to viral attacks, floods, seasonal rains. It has been seen that our agro community is in deplorable condition due to the lack of substantive know how on modern agriculture and crop management and its scientific importance. BASIC keeping the pertaining position of farmer community and their state of Affairs, has collaborated with MISEREOR Germany to implement the above titled project in Union Council Sial taluka and district Dadu Sindh province to advocate farmer community on modern agriculture and usher from the latest technologies and academic input being disseminated all over world. This project has been launched to benefit 800 farming families to change their traditional patterns of Agriculture, and have innovated them with changed environment of Agriculture. BASIC has conducted different baseline surveys, which has indicated that the major cause behind the dithered agricultural system is less awareness on risk reduction and proper agro management in the context of climate change. Following major objectives have been laid for the project.

Project Location:

20 villages of Union Council Sial of

taluka and District Dadu Sindh

Project duration:                            January 2014 to December 2016

Status:                                   Successfully completed


Improved livelihood security through increased resilience to disasters in disaster prone areas of district Dadu Sindh
  • Develop Sustainable Agriculture Model (SAM)
  • Develop the capacity of Smallholders’ for  land use and  planning in terms of Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR)
  • Record Bio-intensive and Sustainable Agriculture Practices

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